Oral Hygiene: The Instructions You Need to Care for Your Toddler’s Smile

Do you want your toddler to have a strong and healthy smile? If so, you need to clean and care for their teeth and gums regularly. This means you need to help them keep up with oral hygiene. This might be a tough task, especially if you’re not exactly sure... Read more »

What Kind of Toothbrush Should My Child Use?

If you’re not sure which toothbrush to use to clean your child’s smile, then you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist, Dr. Andrea VanCleave, is happy to discuss the characteristics to look for when choosing your child’s toothbrush. When you choose the right toothbrush, you can properly... Read more »

How Your Oral Health Might Change While You’re Pregnant

Your body undergoes several changes when you’re pregnant, which means you will need to change your oral hygiene routine to keep your teeth and gums in good shape. In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth for two minutes at a time at least twice every day, it’s important that... Read more »

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Prevention

Being a new parent can be overwhelming! Diapers, bottles, and suddenly a tiny human who depends on your for support and love in the most vulnerable of ways. Let’s look at a common concern of parents--Baby Bottle Tooth Decay-- as well as what to do to prevent it for your... Read more »

Improve Your Oral Health with Composite Dental Fillings

When teeth are damaged due to dental erosion, harmful acids can chew away at a tooth until a hole forms and the tooth enamel. At this point, a cavity will be present. In order to eradicate cavities, a visit to your dentist will be needed for a dental filling. One... Read more »

Your Child’s Flossing Habit Affects Their Long-Term Health

If your child has effective oral hygiene habits now, they can enjoy a lifetime of excellent health. You can help by encouraging your child to floss daily and reduce their risk of periodontal disease as an adult. Our dentist and team would be happy to offer guidance and tips motivating... Read more »

Are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth, unlike what you may think, are very important to the health of an individual, both when they are a child and as they advance into an adult. What have you heard of about baby teeth? Learn a tiny bit extra by reading this post we’ve amassed, and do... Read more »

Brushing with Children Younger Than 3

You may think that treating a child’s baby pearly whites isn’t that useful because they’re going to fall out on their own anyway. However, contrary to this line of thinking, caring for baby teeth is important because, without them, adult (also known as permanent) teeth will not come in straight,... Read more »

Oral Hygiene: The Differences Between Infant and Toddler Smile Care

If you have a toddler and an infant, then you need to remember to care for their smiles differently. There are certain things you need to do for each smile to keep their little teeth and gums in tip-top shape. To help you care for your infant and toddler’s smiles,... Read more »

Addressing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Paying attention to the side effects of baby bottle tooth decay is a great method to battle its effects, but occasionally you’ll need professional help to deal with the disease. Use this data to help your child before and after their baby bottle tooth decay appointment. To prep for your... Read more »